What are Promotional Products?

Who doesn’t feel happy at the thought of getting a promotional product? That too, if it is free. Free!! The thought of this makes you go for purchasing the product. You may find promotional products in exhibitions, shops, industrial fairs, and trade shows.

What is a promotional product? A promotional product is one that is offered to you (the customer) free in order to build the company brand, to get their company recognized or remembered. A promotional product is a product imprinted with or otherwise carrying a message or the logo of the company. If you like the promotional products good or useful then you tend to tell more people about it. Or you may even go again and buy more products from the shop or trade fair of that particular company. This means that the company has made a lasting impression on you.

Eg. Buy 1 shirt, and get 1 free.

Buy a golf club and get a pair of gloves and a set of balls free.

Buy a Laptop and get an 8 GB USB Flash drive free.

The company needs to make note of one important thing here, while promoting a product. They need to know their target audience well. The company needs to make a feasibility study of their product in the market. They need to know their competitors. What is the market demand for the product? What segment of customers are you targeting?

Here comes a question: How would the company come to know which product is hot in the market or in full demand currently?

Here, the company needs to study the market demand for the product. Does the product already exist in the market? If so, who are the competitors? Which market segment is your competitor catering to? Which market segment should the company target? How can the company create its niche in the market? If the product is not yet launched in the market, how can the company monopolize in it? What is the market demand for such a product?

What are the different types of Promotional Products?

The different types of promotional products are:

o Business Gifts

o Premiums

o Ad Specialties

o Recognition Awards

o Other Identification Applications

1. Business Gifts: Business Gifts or corporate gifts are promotional products given to the customers to build up the business, to recognize their suppliers or customers, and to thank them for their contribution towards the company. (eg. Bags, shirts, leather pouches, clocks etc.). These customers or suppliers are necessarily not a part of the organization. Corporate gifts are personalized or branded with the company logo or with a good message so that it is always remembered.

2. Premiums: Premium gifts are promotional products which are offered as an incentive to produce a specific action. Here you get a free promotional product, only if you buy a product. Premium gifts are value-added gifts. Eg. Buy a Laptop and get 8 GB USB flash drive free.

3. Ad Specialties: These are promotional products given as gifts only to promote the business without you shelling out any money. It is equivalent to viral marketing. Eg. Calendars, wall clocks, key chains, coffee mugs etc.

Here the difference between a premium gift and a Ad Specialty is, in Ad Specialty you are not under any obligation to compulsorily buy anything to get a free item. Here, the promotional product is given free only to spread your company’s name & business.

4. Recognition Awards: These are awards given to the employees in order to recognize their valuable contribution towards the company, for their performance in the company. Eg. Trophies, awards, jewelery etc. The recognition awards are given to the employees who are part of an organization.

5. Other identification Applications: These are other promotional products as gifts which do not fit in any of the above categories like Imprinted Souvenirs, Jackets, Caps, Imprinted Glassware and balloons for promoting your business.

So a promotional product is not only a brand building tool but a necessity to keep or lure in customers. And customer will only come back to the company when he has faith and trust in the company and that he will not be cheated.

Top 3 Can’t Miss Promotional Products – Umbrellas, Tote Bags and Promotional Pens

Companies have limited marketing budgets. Especially during this economic crunch, you have to make the most of your advertising dollars. Promotional products offer a fantastic return on your investment, but you’ve got to choose the right ones. Of course, which promotional product is best depends on the type of promotion you’re running. However, there are a few products that are effective year round for any type of promotion.

No matter how or when you’re using promotional products, the same basic goals apply. For example, you want your promotional products to create brand loyalty and to expose numerous people to your company’s message. There are three promotional products that are absolutely can’t-miss when it comes to making the best use of your marketing budget. Those products are umbrellas, tote bags and promotional pens.

Why are these promotional products the best of the best? Here’s an overview of some of the reasons why umbrellas, tote bags and pens are the ultimate go-to promotional products:

Promotional umbrellas:

  • Umbrellas stand out from other promotional items because they’re less common in the world of giveaways.
  • Logos printed on umbrellas are quite large, which means your company’s name can be spotted from far away.
  • They’re practical and useful, so they’ll find their way into your customers’ everyday life. A product like the Budget Beater 48 Inch Arc Stick Umbrella, for example, conveniently closes down to only 33 inches. It will easily fit in a briefcase.
  • Umbrellas aren’t trendy items. They never go out of style, so you can order in bulk and always keep these great gifts on hand.
  • They have a high perceived value.

Promotional tote bags:

  • Promotional tote bags get carried around all over town. Countless people will see your company’s name and logo.
  • Tote bags are a classic tradeshow giveaway that absolutely everyone loves. Handing out promotional tote bags is a sure-fire way to have the convention goers lined up at your booth.
  • Use them to get in on the eco-friendly trend of “bring your own grocery bags.” To really show your company’s concern for the environment, choose a “green” promotional item such as the 100% Post Consumer Recycled Deluxe Tote Bag.
  • Tote bags will be used for years to come, which makes them a top return on your marketing dollar.
  • Promotional tote bags are a blank canvas for your logo, offering high visibility.
  • Like umbrellas, tote bags are useful, which is an important quality to look for in any promotional product.

Promotional pens:

  • Promotional pens are very affordable, so you can hand out them generously.
  • No one turns down a free pen because everyone needs them.
  • Pens have universal appeal. They’re not specific to a gender or age group.
  • They lend themselves to all sorts of creative uses, and they’ll fit in with any marketing campaign theme.
  • Including a promotional pen along with a gift is an easy way to go the extra mile. For example, they’re perfect for pairing with notepads, padfolios and desk sets.When including a promotional pen with a gift, upgrade to something a bit more special, such as the comfortable Cougar Rubber Grip pen.

Next time you’re gearing up for a new marketing campaign, make your job easier by going with one of these three can’t miss promotional products. Promotional umbrellas, tote bags and pens will always get the job done.

Does Your Business Need the Marketing Power of Promotional Products?

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a business is creating awareness and visibility of your brand amongst customers. In order to connect with those that may be attracted by what your company has to offer, you need to be visible to those prospective customers.

As well as the typical methods of internet marketing and direct mail one of the best ways to increase your brand visibility is through promotional products! However, when going this marketing route, you need to know which form of promotional product is the most suitable for your marketing purposes.

If you are a business with a lot of off-site staff, then you are possibly likely to need printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, hi visibility wear and jackets for your staff. If you are offering a promotional product as a gift then you may choose something more useable like a golf umbrella, mouse mat or mug.

If you are looking to incentivise your labour force then you may think about more expensive corporate gifts that can be personalised for the beneficiary.

What are the purposes of promotional products?

The rationale of giving out promotional products is to enhance brand awareness among your prospective clients whom your competitors are also trying to draw. By giving out promotional products that can be used frequently, you are ensuring that your brand and company name is more evident.

Consumers can be creatures of habit and it can be a tricky prospect to gain their consideration and get them to change their spending habits, or the businesses they deal with. As people become more familiar with your brand, the probability of them parting with their money and buying your products will be more likely than previously.

How do promotional products fit into a more general marketing campaign?

Promotional products can be used to compliment much wider reaching marketing campaigns. These days many advertising agencies have seen the benefit of integrating promotional products into their direct mail or general marketing campaigns.

Some use the branded products as a means to reward important customers, running a restricted promotion where only a definite number of clients will get a special (branded) gift.

A promotional product campaign doesn’t need to be expensive.  Some of the most common and efficient promotional products you see around are pens and mugs, and they are mainly effective because of their own inherent usefulness and because they are things that are used on every day. This is a significant feature of promotional products: They are a physical asset that continues to promote your brand or message on a continual basis.

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